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05 Oct

(Mis)Adventures of Breastfeeding

This weekend Beatrice and I traveled north for a wedding. I forgot my breast pump, which wasn’t a huge deal since B was by my side for all but the 6 hours I spent at the wedding. She sleeps for 6 hour stints where I don’t pump - no problem.

Apparently this WAS a problem because I’ve been dealing with a next-to-nothing supply since then. It’s ridiculous - WHAT HAPPENED? Six hours should not destroy 3 months of consistent breastfeeding. 

So I’ve been pumping constantly to try to perk up my supply. I let Beatrice use me as a human pacifier. I’m drinking tea that’s supposed to improve my situation. And I’m producing peanuts next to what I was. 

Today I called the doctor who asked me a series of questions about my sleep & eating habits, and stress levels as of late. Well guess what, I ate cookies all weekend, didn’t sleep because B didn’t sleep, and have one million things to do at work and one upset little girl at home and a weekend getaway coming up that doesn’t include Beatrice…. aka stress. And let me tell you what, trying to be unstressed when you’re stressed about not being able to feed your formula-hating child is not easy. 

This sucks. Tomorrow I’m going to try to hunt down some fenugreek and if all else fails, I can always try a prescription drug that increases milk. Am I missing something? Does anyone have any other tips to make this better?