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10 May

Attachment Parenting

Time Magazine - May 2012

Have you seen this yet? The issue doesn’t come out until May 21st but wow, you better believe I will be picking up a copy.

I had no idea what attachment parenting was before Beatrice was born and the principles came instinctively to me. We co-slept and still would be if my husband would let me. I have worn my baby constantly since day one. She rarely cries without receiving an immediate response from us. And at 10.5 months old, there is no end to our breastfeeding days in sight. 

Maybe I’ll still be breastfeeding her at age 3. I have nothing against it, and could totally see myself taking that route naturally. The health benefits are great and I like doing it. But if I am still breastfeeding Beatrice at age 3, you better believe I’m not going to PUT A PICTURE OF IT ON THE COVER OF TIME MAGAZINE! 

Ugh. Lady. What are you thinking? This picture is going to come back to haunt your son. It’s going to show up at school and he is going to be ridiculed for being breastfed until age whatever. Kudos to you for breastfeeding for so long and not caring what other people think of you, but I just can’t help but think that maybe you took part in this article as some sort of personal gratification - while sacrificing your son in the process. 

Attachment parenting is about building a bond with your child. Your child trusts you and has confidence that you will always be there to tend to their needs. I can’t see this child feeling very trusting of his mother once he is old enough to realize that his mom exploited him on the cover of a hugely popular magazine. Poor kid is going to need a lot of therapy…

13 Oct

Back in Action

Remember last week when I was convinced that my breastfeeding days were at their last? I had gone out of town to a wedding, forgot my pump, and was trying desperately to fix what I’d done. Well guess what - I’m back to normal! 

Here’s what I did:

  • I drank Yogi Woman’s Nursing Support Tea four times a day
  • I pumped like a mad-woman. We’re talking every two to three hours for 15 to 20 minutes. 
  • I let B use me as a pacifier whenever she wanted.
  • I ate healthy food. A LOT of healthy food. 

But in the end, I think what helped me the most was going away on a mini-vacation with John. I was able to get sleep and de-stress, which apparently was just what I needed to find my lost supply of milk. 

05 Oct

(Mis)Adventures of Breastfeeding

This weekend Beatrice and I traveled north for a wedding. I forgot my breast pump, which wasn’t a huge deal since B was by my side for all but the 6 hours I spent at the wedding. She sleeps for 6 hour stints where I don’t pump - no problem.

Apparently this WAS a problem because I’ve been dealing with a next-to-nothing supply since then. It’s ridiculous - WHAT HAPPENED? Six hours should not destroy 3 months of consistent breastfeeding. 

So I’ve been pumping constantly to try to perk up my supply. I let Beatrice use me as a human pacifier. I’m drinking tea that’s supposed to improve my situation. And I’m producing peanuts next to what I was. 

Today I called the doctor who asked me a series of questions about my sleep & eating habits, and stress levels as of late. Well guess what, I ate cookies all weekend, didn’t sleep because B didn’t sleep, and have one million things to do at work and one upset little girl at home and a weekend getaway coming up that doesn’t include Beatrice…. aka stress. And let me tell you what, trying to be unstressed when you’re stressed about not being able to feed your formula-hating child is not easy. 

This sucks. Tomorrow I’m going to try to hunt down some fenugreek and if all else fails, I can always try a prescription drug that increases milk. Am I missing something? Does anyone have any other tips to make this better?

19 Sep

Beatrice Vallee: Food Snob

Beatrice eats approximately 95% breast milk and 5% formula. She gets formula if 1) all of the breast milk is frozen or 2) if we’re out and about and have one of the single serving bottles of formula handy. Those single servings rock my world - no cooling, heating, or clean-up necessary. Giving her formula has taken pressure off of me to make sure that I’m either by her side or have plenty of bottles ready, and formula is so much easier to handle when you’re on the go. I’m all for breastfeeding but a bottle of formula here and there isn’t going to do her any harm and does wonders for my sanity.

But suddenly B has decided that formula is SO last week. She either refuses it or FAKE eats it, pushing it back out of her mouth and leaving me in a pool of formula. I don’t get it. She will still take a bottle if it contains breast milk, so it must be the taste that she doesn’t like, but what’s with the sudden change? She used to like it! 

The only thing I can think of is that we were using Similac religiously and then switched it up and gave her Enfamil (Why? I had coupons of course!). But since then I’ve tried to give her the Similac back and she’ll have none of it. 

Side Note: My mom thinks she won’t take it any more because she’s smarter than all of the other babies and can tell the difference. haha.

It’s not that big of deal that she won’t take it any more, but it sure messes with our easy breezy outings. Has anyone else had this problem? Is she going to get over it or are we done with formula for good?