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07 Apr 

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication (by Love Letters | Hand Drawn Type)


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication (by Love Letters | Hand Drawn Type)

27 Mar Could they be any sweeter?

Could they be any sweeter?

26 Mar

Beezer-isms: Two Years & 8 Months Old

When Beatrice cries she says, “I’m so SAD”. Usually when we ask her why she’s sad she replies with an, “I don’t know!”

Beatrice likes to invite us into whatever room she’s in by saying, “Come in, Happy Birthday”.

She often says, “I’m going shopping, see ya”, and then proceeds to empty the shelves in Jovia’s room. It’s not unusual for her to be wearing my shoes when this happens.

When we talk about using the potty, she rolls her eyes and sighs. Sometimes the eye roll is accompanied by a little shake of the head.

Every day after her nap she says, “I want to show you something”, leads me to the pantry, and shows me the cheezits and cheese balls. Then she says, “I need a bowl”, and runs and gets two bowls. I ask her if she wants a snack and she says, “yes, and you”, meaning I need a snack too.  

Target is known as the Car Store.

She cannot sleep until everything in her room is in its place. There is usually a pile of toys right outside of her room at the end of each night – items that Beatrice tossed out of her sacred space over the duration of the nighttime routine. Last night her room was a disaster, and I thought she was going to let it go for once. In the middle of story time she started yelling, “WHAT HAS HAPPENED?! WHAT HAS HAPPENED?!”, jumped out of bed, and started flinging all of her toys out the door and into the play room. I couldn’t help but laugh. What a peculiar child. 

21 Mar

20 Things to Teach my Daughters

There’s this article going around the internet over the last few days called 101 Things I will Teach my Daughter. It could also be called “95 things I will not teach my daughters, and 6 things I will”. I didn’t actually count to see if I only liked 6 of them, but you get the picture.

Today at my mom group, we talked about servitude and it really resonated with me. I try to teach my girls to be gracious, loving, and thoughtful, but I’m just one person, and I fear that my example will not be enough when they enter school and are influenced by their friends and the world around them. 

I hope that what I’m teaching them now will become ingrained in them so that they will be strong even if what they believe in is unpopular. And I hope I don’t have to tell them to take off the ridiculously tiny shorts, because they won’t want to wear them in the first place. Does that make sense?

It’s scary, raising kids. One thing the speaker at my group said was that we do not need to fear the teenage years, as long as we teach them well in these younger years. That makes sense, but I’d still feel better if I was allowed to pick the kids my daughters are friends with during those teenage years!

Anyway, here are 20 things that I hope to teach my daughters when they’re in the midst of those teenage years:

1. You don’t need makeup. If you want to wear it, wear it lightly, and know that you are beautiful without it. 

2. You don’t need alcohol to have fun or be interesting. 

3. Eat clean. 

4. Exercise for health, not for appearance.

5. Be you, even when it’s uncool. You’ll attract people like you, and they will be better friends to you than the cool kids ever will.

6. Make friends with girls. I know boys are easier to be around at times, but the girls in your life are going to be the ones that you’ll be going on much-needed girls weekends with when you’re 30, not the boys.  

7. Don’t do anything that would prevent you from running for office in the future. Keep your closet clear of skeletons. 

8. If you’d feel uncomfortable wearing that in front of your Papaw, don’t wear it in front of your friends.

9. Give thoughtful gifts.

10. You are lucky to have siblings. Be nice to them. 

11. You are not the most important person in the world.

12. Respect your elders. 

13. Just because you don’t verbally stand up for yourself, doesn’t mean you don’t respect yourself. Actions ALWAYS speak louder than words.

14. Open doors for others. Be polite.

15. You’re going to spend most of your life with a mate - don’t waste your younger years on them. Spend that time nurturing your friendships. 

16. Learn how to be alone.

17. and live alone at least once. 

18. Travel, not just for leisure, but so that you can see how the rest of the world lives.

19. Don’t push your beliefs on others, and don’t automatically dismiss other’s beliefs just because they are not your own. You’ll be surprised at what you can learn if you have an open mind.

20. Live within your means. 

09 Mar Photos from the weekend

Photos from the weekend

05 Mar

And then I lost my mind

On Sunday I spent way too much time crafting invitations for my sister’s bridal shower. I sent them off…. with the WRONG MONTH on the date. 

On Monday I finished up my 2013 financial statements at work. These things are important - they go to banks and hospitals and such. Then I got them back - because I messed up STEP ONE, and thus messed up all of the other steps. Seriously Julia? Get it together. I’ve been doing these for FOUR YEARS. This is not new.

On Tuesday I put a roast in the crock pot before work… and came home to an uncooked roast in a not-turned-on crock pot. Awesome. 

On Wednesday I forgot my breast pump and had to turn around and go back home for it. When I got to work I realize that I also forgot my phone and never put any mascara on. At 10pm I discovered that I never took my breast milk out of my bag after work. For those of you who don’t know, you CAN cry over spilt milk when that milk is precious breast milk.

My mind… where is it? Somebody help me. Or just lock me up in the loony bin before I 


I just read back over this and realized that when i posted it last night I just stopped writing in the middle of that last sentence. I really AM losing it!

27 Feb

The girls are both sick right now - Jo is teething and has a cold, and Beatrice has croup.

Luckily they’re both in good spirits and have spent the evening playing together. I don’t know who is more excited. Jovia is psyched that Beatrice is paying attention to her, and Beatrice is loving that she has a playmate.

25 Feb

Lovely Ladies: A Bit of a Boast

My daughters are growing into such lovely girls. They are sweet and well-behaved, and I am so proud of them - especially when we take them out in public. Beatrice is two and a half and Jovia just turned 9 months old, so you would think that they’d be a handful, but they’re SO good. They will sit through an hour of church or spend an entire morning shopping, with no problems at all. We can take them to other people’s homes, without worrying that they will break something (or even create a mess for that matter). Even when Beatrice doesn’t want to leave the playground, she still listens to me and keeps her tantrums at bay.

This weekend just the four of us went out to eat for the first time in FOREVER. Both girls sat in their seats, and were amazing during the entire meal. Beatrice colored and munched on apple slices, while Jovia inhaled her baby food and grinned at the people around us. We were able to eat our food at a normal pace, and John and I even talked to one another instead of focusing all of our energy on our kids! It was such a pleasant evening and made me excited for all of the things we can do with the girls this summer.

We really lucked out with these girls. Beatrice is mature and careful. I don’t have to worry about her running away from me in a parking lot or throwing a fit because she wants something at a store. I can talk to her like an adult, and in turn, she acts much older than she is. Jovia is happy and easy-going. Even when an outing cuts into her naptime, she remains chipper.

We have fights at home (mostly revolving around Beatrice’s bird-like eating habits), but each day gets easier. I’ve learned to pick my battles – food matters, pajamas don’t. I’ve learned to give Beatrice choices (but only choices that I know the answer to). I’ve learned that just a little bit of baby-proofing goes a long way for everyone’s sanity. But overall, I have no idea what I’m doing as a parent, so I take no credit in my girls’ good behavior. They are just great kids, and I am lucky to have them.

20 Feb

Dinner with Jovie

Jovia has taken to finger foods like a bee to honey. It has made meal times a lot easier, now that she’s preoccupied with feeding herself and not screaming at me when I’m slow between bites of purees. She’s very animated when she eats, and gets especially excited when she successfully drinks from her cup. 

After she eats she has food everywhere - in her hair, nose, ears… you name it. Nightly baths are now a necessity. 

Beatrice needed help finding Blue Sally and Lightning McQueen and was not impressed that I was photographing Jo instead of helping her. This is her “what’s wrong with you mom” face.

18 Feb Her first experience with real finger food. She loved it, as was expected… and desperately needed a bath when it was all over.

Her first experience with real finger food. She loved it, as was expected… and desperately needed a bath when it was all over.

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